Our experienced attorneys have provided representation for individuals on both the plaintiff and defendant sides in professional negligence cases in the medical and legal fields. Our experience and knowledge will help you make logical, informed decisions on how best to proceed to fulfill your goals – our goal is to ensure that you come away satisfied with the outcome of your case. Our attorneys can help maximize the amount of damages that you receive if you have been injured as a result of professional negligence, or we can help exonerate you of allegations of wrongdoing if you are a professional who has been wrongly accused.

We understand that clients have a right to expect honest and competent services from professionals, and our mission is to protect those individuals who have been wronged. As professionals ourselves, however, we also understand that sometimes a practitioner can be wrongly accused of negligence, and his or her very livelihood can be threatened by a lawsuit. If you would like to learn more, contact our office today. 

Professional Negligence

While typical negligence cases are judged by determining whether the defendant has acted as a reasonable person would in a given situation, professional negligence cases involve a higher standard. Because the defendant in a professional negligence case has represented him or herself as having above-average abilities and skills in a particular area, he or she is obligated to adhere to a higher standard of competence than a regular citizen would be. Cases involving professional negligence typically arise because the defendant owed the claimant a duty; that is, the defendant had agreed to perform a service of some sort for the plaintiff. If this duty was fulfilled in a substandard fashion and resulted in injury, damage, or suffering to the claimant, a professional negligence claim can be filed.

If you have suffered as a result of professional negligence, the experienced attorneys at Beam-Ward, Kruse, Wilson & Fletes, LLC can help you receive compensation. We have the experience and drive to aggressively pursue your claim. Whether you have suffered from medical malpractice or another type of negligence, our attorneys are here for you. Contact our law firm firm today to schedule a free consultation and case review.

Any individual who solicits medical care is placing his or her health and well-being in the hands of professionals. The medical field is unique in that a negligent act or failure to carry out a task properly can easily result in serious injuries, a lifelong reduction in the quality of a person’s life, and in extreme cases, death. Medical negligence cases are typically filed under medical malpractice laws, and they can be very difficult and complex. An experienced medical negligence lawyer from our firm has the knowledge and drive to help you resolve your claim.

If you have been injured as a result of medical negligence, our firm has the resources to call upon a group of medical experts to testify on your behalf. These experts are crucial witnesses who can help sort the effects of the negligent act out from any pre-existing medical conditions, and they can also testify about any new conditions that you may have developed because of a misdiagnosis. Expert medical testimony is a crucial piece of a medical malpractice case, as it is necessary for establishing whether the defendant was negligent in his or her actions. Our attorneys have years of experience with medical negligence cases and can help determine whether you have a case. If you believe that you are a victim of medical malpractice, contact our law office to speak with one of our attorneys today.

Legal Negligence

If a lawyer’s negligent actions have harmed you in some way, you may be able to hold him or her accountable for any financial loss or pain and suffering that you have suffered. As lawyers, we understand that it is our professional and legal obligation to provide our clients with the best possible legal representation. If you have been wronged by an attorney, we want to earn back your trust.

Our attorneys have intimate knowledge of the law in Missouri and Kansas and can act on your behalf in a legal negligence case. We can help prove the establishment of a client-attorney relationship that is fundamental to any legal negligence case. If your case goes to court, our knowledge makes it possible for us to pinpoint and bring to light any incidents of neglect or wrongdoing in which your appointed attorney violated an agreed-upon or implied “standard of care.” We can help establish the fact that the damages that you suffered were a foreseeable consequence of your lawyer’s negligent actions. Contact us today if you have been wronged by an attorney. We can help rectify the damages with reliable, trustworthy, legal counsel.

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